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WiFi / Wireless LAN
2R Hardware & Electronics
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mikrotik rb600Mikrotik Router Board RB600A , other type :
RB 433, RB 433 AH
RB 411 lv.3, RB 411A , RB 411 AH
RB 450G , RB 450
RB 750 , RB 750G
nano station 2Ubiquiti Network (UBNT) Nano Station 2 , Nano Station2 Mimo ,
Nano Station 5, Bullet 2 ,
Bullet2 HP + POE ,
Bullet 2MHP + POE,
Loco 2 , Pico Station
Mini PCI XR2, Mini PCI XR5
24 db panel antennagrid antennalocal yagi antennabooster 1 watt
Panel antenna 2,4GHz , 18 db more antenna
[Hyperlink]= 2.4GHz :Grid 24dB, Omni 15dB, Sectoral 90deg/120deg,
5.8GHz: Grid 27dB, Dish 24dB/29dB
[Kenbotong]=2.4GHz: Grid 24dB | 5.8GHz: Grid 27dB/30dB
[Finetic]=2.4GHz: Grid 24dB /Grid-Gold 24db, Omni 15db, Yagi 16/20dB
5.8GHz: Grid 29dB
Available 2.4GHz
1, 2, 4 & 5  watt
Splitter: 2, 3 , 4 way
Edimax SB-2200
Wi-Fi (pronounced wye-fye, ) is a wireless technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to improve the interoperability of wireless local area network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.
Common applications for Wi-Fi include Internet and VoIP phone access, gaming, and network connectivity for consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD players, and digital cameras.
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Wireless Networking and accessories product. Full list on Indonetwork click here.
Hyperlink / Hypergain / L-Com products
HA2404GTI-NF 4 Watt Indoor N-Female Connector Hyperlink Amplifier
HA2405GTI-NF 5 Watt Indoor N-Female Connector Hyperlink Amplifier
HG-2415U-PRO 2.4 GHz 15 dBi Hyperlink Omni Directional Antenna
HG-5824D 5.8 GHz 24 dBi Hyperlink Dish Antenna
HG-2404CU-NF 800MHz - 3GHz 3.5 dBi Hyperlink Ceiling Mount Antenna
AL-NMNFB-9 Altelicon Lightning Protector 90V Gas Tube
AL6-NMNFBW-9 N-Male to N-Female Bulkhead 0-6 GHz Lightning Surge Protector
SC2402N Hypergain 2-Way Spliter/Coupler 2.4 GHz N-Female Connector
SC2403N Hypergain 3-Way Spliter/Coupler 2.4 GHz N-Female Connector
SC2404N Hypergain 4-Way Spliter/Coupler 2.4 GHz N-Female Connector
wrt54glThe WRT54GL is a Wi-Fi capable residential gateway from Linksys. The device is capable of sharing Internet connections among several computers via 802.3 Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless data links.         more wifi...
Available Linksys-Cisco product:
WAP54G , WMP54G, WRE54G, WRT54GC, WRH54G, WMP54GS, WUSB54G, WUSB54GC, WAP200, WRT110, WRT160N, WRT310N, WRT350N, WUSB300N, WUSB600N.
MIMO Wireless LAN Series
BR-6216Mg , AR-7064Mg+
EW-7608Pg, EW-7628Ig

802.11g Wireless LAN Series
EW-7206APg ( outdoor )
EW-7206APg ,EW-7209APg
EW-7206PDg, EW-7301APg
EW-7318Ug, EW-7128G
EW-7318USg, EW-7305Pg
EW-7317UHg, WP-S1000

SENAO /Engenius
NMP-8602 Plus S
EL-2511CD+ EXT2
EOC 1650

MINI PCI ModularCables
Atheros 6thG Mini PCI Adapter 802,11a/b/g 600mw
Mikrotik Mini PCI CM9 + pigtail UFL
Mikrotik Mini PCI WLM 54 GP 23 + pigtail UFL
Mikrotik Mini PCI R-52 + Pigtail UFL
Mikrotik Mini PCI R-52H + Pigtail UFL
UBNT Mini PCI XR2 + pigtail MMCX
UBNT Mini PCI XR5 + pigtail MMCX
Belden UTP Cat 5e ;Belden UTP Cat 5e (Outdoor)
Belden UTP Cat 6 ; Belden STP Cat 5e
Belden RG-8 Coaxional - Foam ( Radio Cable )
Belden RG-58 -- Radio Cable
Belden RG-59 Coaxional ( MATV, CCTV, Video)
AMP UTP Cat 5e ; AMP UTP Cat 6
Avaya/Systimax UTP Cat 5 ;Avaya/Systimax UTP Cat 6
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